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Trauma Kit - Better

Describing themselves as noise rock, US band Trauma Kit have brought out their latest song, Better. Lyrically this song makes you want to scream your lungs out as you connect and resonate to each and every word, like ‘you fucking judge, you fucking judge me’. This song is very much the opposite of biting your tongue, it represents speaking up against those haters and the hypocrites and instead creating the way to speak your truth, zero fucks given. 

A song like this can let out alot of frustration, but also be quite liberation at the same time too, which is probably why I enjoy it so much, because in the midst of angst also comes freedom too, thus making a very unique dichotomy. 

I would say if you are into bands like Alexisonfire, or even some old school Beastie Boys or Rage Against The Machine then Trauma Kit will the perfect addition to your playlist choices moving forward.  Better is out now, so crank up the volume, and enjoy!

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