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The Dead Cassettes - Only You, Only Emma

US indie-rock band The Dead Cassettes share their latest single, Only You, Only Emma. Listening to this song with a fresh pair of ears, I just fell in love with how well this track is written because it so open hearted and honest. Sometimes we can shy away from the feelings we feel inside, but with The Dead Cassettes this is very much one of those cases of wearing your heart on yourself and owning it. 

My favourite line from this track has to  ‘I want to love somebody, love somebody like you, I want to lift you up higher than you ever thought was true’, which forms part of the chorus, because I love how as the song progresses, you can also feel the energy building up at the same time, which just feels so wholesome to be part of as a listener. 

The Dead Cassettes are definitely a band to keep a close eye on, so don’t miss out and start your journey with Only You, Only Emma today!

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