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Tan Cologne - Baja

Lauren Green and Marissa Macias better known as the duo behind US based Tan Cologne reached out recently to tell us about their brand new single Baja. I really love the flow and the gentle sweetness of the song, as it feels really wholesome and filling to listen to. What I really value about Baja is how as a listener I don’t just listen to this song, but I also encounter something quite euphoric. 

Described as dream pop, I would agree that it really suits Lauren and Marissa’s style, but would also say it also has a nice psychedelic feel to the song too. For a day dreamer like me, this Baja is the type of song I can listen to be that on my own or with someone close to heart while just watching the world pass by. 

Out right now, give this song a listen today! 

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