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SoFL - Alive

Having already had the privilege of enjoying some of their earlier releases, I was so happy when my new fave humans SoFL from the US reached out to share the news about their brand new single Alive which came out on the 16th February 2024. 

This song is written in such a pure and wholesome way, and you can really get a sense of SoFL really putting their full heart into Alive because there is so much depth to it. Something else I love about this song is that we get to hear from each member of the band, and appreciate their warm and inviting voices, whilst also being even more spoilt when we hear those powerful harmonies. 

I really loved the flow of all parts of the song, from the verses to the chorus, because I felt a real synergy with the song, which is inevitable when you have stunning lines such as ‘There is deep connection that could last for just one night. 

I think it is fair to argue that with each release SoFL bring out their dynamic as a band both internally and externally will just get more and more powerful. Huge love to these guys, and long may the good times continue!

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