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Smith & Thell - Waste of Time

Swedish duo Smith & Thell have released their brand new single, Waste Of Time. I just love how honest and open hearted this song is, where the pair really teach us all a lesson on to stop kidding ourselves and be real about out feelings, especially when it comes to love. 

There are moments in life where the ones who we said goodbye to are also the ones who our heart still belongs to, so I think Smith & Thell do a brilliant job in helping to bring that thought forward in this song.  

Smith & Thell’s chemistry works so well together, and I just love how there voices compliment one another, with the dynamic of the duo going hand in hand. The style of this song also reminds me of the likes of great bands such as Mumford & Sons, so I can really see Smith & Thell doing exceptionally well on the global scale.

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