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Shrimp Eyes - Sunshine/Shadow

Having already caught the attention of 6 Music and BBC Radio 1, London based band Shrimp Eyes have already been creating waves over the past few months. Fast forward to 7th February 2024, and the band have brought out their latest track Sunshine/Shadow taken from their upcoming EP. 

Anyone who knows me, will know I absolutely LOVE discovering new talent, and well I am glad to have finally injected the music of Shrimp Eyes into my life. This song is so fresh and energising to listen to. From a songwriting there is an abundance of depth and intricacy in a way that really awakens your mind as a listener. 

For example one of my favourite parts of the song  is ‘I’ll stop trying to get the pace, just show them what to face, and catch it when it feels right, so please its not do or die but it’s easy to hide in places that have no light’. For me, this is song writing on a higher level because Shrimp Eyes are applying poetic and symbolic flair to their music. 

As a band who are purely DIY and self-produce everything themselves, Sunshine/Shadow is a testimony of their great potential. With this single, as well as the latest EP being imminent, 2024 will certainly be the year which sees Shrimp Eyes make their mark and get the acknowledgment they truly deserve. Be part of that journey and listen to Sunshine/Shadow today. 

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