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Ships Have Sailed - Reflections

Have you listened to a piece of fresh new music and felt such a powerful connection with the way it surrounds you and fills you with its beauty? Well this is exactly how I felt when I heard the latest track Reflections by American indie-pop duo Ships Have Sailed for the very first time.

This is such a powerful song, thanks to the truly wholesome lyrics of front man Will Carpenter such as ‘...we’re tiny islands in the night, reflecting like we are the light, maybe we’ll fall, fall to the ground, and burn the whole world down, while we’re alive, we light up the sky, to be right here, the rest our lives we’ll light up the sky…’. Reflections is so well written, and I really admire how their is such a radiant glow to the song, with these lyrics being such a wonderful example of that. 

Ships Have Sailed, possess such potential, and I feel are a band which appeal to anyone. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of something special, Reflections is available on all major platforms right now.

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