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Sadye - Pretty Traumatized

Over to the US where we find the fresh and exciting music of dance pop influenced artist, Sadye. In February she released her latest single Pretty Traumatized along with the official music video. 

The energy of this song is pretty amazing, and I have how it balanced with some open and honest lyrics such as ‘Anasthesia dreamin’, champagne scars and ketamine, now i’ve got nothing to my name, at least I’m pretty, I’m pretty traumatized, i feel the pain and I don’t even cry, adrenaline is lighting up my eyes..’. This is the type of music which not only packs a punch but also has the ability to create such a special bond in the mind of listener.. 

If you want to go that extra step further, then don’t just listen to the song, but also check out the music video where we don’t just Sadye herself slaying and bringing the song to life, but also includes lyrics so for a first time listener helps you to follow along.  Out right now, give Pretty Traumatized today!

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