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Rocky Bottom - Strangers of Love

Alex Hernandez better known as the voice behind Rocky Bottom, has released his heart openly new track Strangers of Love. It is hard to put into words but there is something powerfully engaging about this song. 

The style reminds me a little bit of  the earlier days of the likes of Elton John or a modern version of the Beach Boys because it’s natural upbeat energy. Then lyrically with lines such as ‘...strangers of love, descending from heaven like flaming doves, from death, death from above, we’re strangers of love’  Alex provides us a lot of depth, which really allow you to visualize the sentiment behind the songwriting. 

I would happily listen to Rocky Bottom day in and day out, because his music has meaning to it which as music fans adds a lot of value. Give it some luvin and check out Strangers of Love today!

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