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Renee D’Angelo - 495

US artist Renee D’Angelo from Long Island in New York has brought out her latest song 495. Delving into the matters of the heart, Renee takes an honest approach to love, but also uses this song as a nod to the importance of starting a brand new beginning with you at the centre. 

When listening to the lyrics closely I was really inspired and felt a real resonance especially with lines such as ‘what is the point of falling in love, if you don’t love yourself’, so from a listener's perspective the music of Renee D’Angelo is really comforting because she has been in that situation herself. 

When an artist is able use their music to share those importance life experiences, I think that is where the bonds start to form, because it is like someone else understands the same things we might of gone through and gets where we are coming from. If you want to see what that looks like yourself, then give 495 a listen today!

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