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Red Letter Society - Surrendered Hearts (Live At The Heights)

Ever since I first was introduced to the music of American Christian band Red Letter Society earlier this year, their music has continued to be an encouragement and blessing, so it made me so happy to hear that  on 3rd May 2024, the band released their track Surrendered Hearts (Live At The Heights). 

As a Christian myself, one think I know should never be undermined is the power of the Holy Spirit, because it helps guide us to a place of an even deeper bond with our heavenly Father, so I love how through this song Red Letter Society are reminding us of the importance of opening our lives to the Holy Spirit and letting the power and love of God to fill our hearts. In the normal world the word surrender can sometimes be a scary concept, but at the spiritual level submitting 100% leads to joy. 

For example if you listen to the lyrics, ‘Awaken me, to your heart I await, your the one I seek, in Holy wonder, awaken me, all our hearts will fade away, your the one I need, increase my hunger’ it’s a reminder that a relationship with the Lord is a source of nourishment. 

Wherever you are on your own personal journey with God, whether you have given your life to Jesus for countless years, or you have recently made those first steps, the music of bands such as Red Letter Society can be such an uplifting encouragement to us all to not underestimate the value that comes with taking that extra step on a daily basis to keep the Holy Spirit at the centre of our lives. 

Be sure to check out Surrendered Hearts (Live At The Heights) today.

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