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Pentire - Don’t Let Your Love (Let You Down)

UK band Pentire are one of the newest names to emerge out of the indie-pop scene with their brand new song ​​Don’t Let Your Love (Let You Down). 

There is such heartwarming honesty flowing through this song, as Pentire have delivered a track which radiates confidence. As a guy who likes my lyrics I really admire the sweetness of the songwriting, which includes very catchy hooks and words to sing along to such as ‘honey, when it’s getting late, honey don’t call me, call me’. 

If you are into bands such as the Magic Gang, Pale Waves or Sea Girls then Pentire will be another great match for you. I am so excited for discovering more of their music in 2024. Available today, listen to Don’t Let Your Love (Let You Down) today.

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