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Noisociety - Jekyl & Hide

On the 1st February 2024, Austrian band Noisociety brought out their latest track Jekyl & Hide. Packed with a good helping of energy this is such a catchy song for any music fan to listen to, and is a great example of how Noisociety is so multifaceted as a band. I really love the direction the band have gone with the lyrics too, because you have mystery and intrigue, and creates a space to really bring imagination and resonating song writing together into the same breath. 

For example the lines ‘you know this life, is not what it seems to you, is not what it brings to you, and you is blind because the things you are breaking through will become words, words, words’ which we hear right at the beginning instantly get your mind thinking because it encourages you to ponder about the deeper meaning. I like as well that the Noisociety have also added a bit of a hard rock edge to this song because it allows the song to be even more engaging. 

If you want a break from your usual go to music, or just fancy something that little more light hearted then Jekyl & Hide is worth its weight in gold, and definitely a brilliant song to check out. So give it a listen today!

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