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Marlin Beach - Ignore You

Updated: Jun 1

German based Marlin Beach is channelling the sound of the 80s and fusing it with the touches and influences of the modern day with his track Ignore You which was released on 14th March 2024. The song fills you with such warmth and is a song where you can really reach out and grab hold of that love which is shining through. 

I absolutely love every single drop of Ignore You, especially the catchyness of the chorus where you cannot help but sing out loud to the words ‘let me ignore you, let me adore you, let me ignore you, let me adore you for a while’. I feel that Marlin Beach is the German music scene’s version to Matt Healy and the 1975, so I feel good things are on the horizon for this talented artist. Give the song a listen today!

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