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Marie Naffah - Rust & Blue

On 6th February 2024, UK singer-songwriter Marie Naffah brought out her brand new single Rust & Blue. Infectiously good, this is probably one of the catchiest songs you could possibly listen to, and also showcases some of Marie’s wholesome lyrics such as ‘When we exit through the store, Boy I never loved you more, Bought a postcard for your sister, dropped your wallet on the floor’. There is a somewhat poetic style to Marie’s approach, which I find really engaging as a listener - so for that in itself Rust & Blue gets top marks.

Music fans should also be happy to hear that this track also comes with an official lyric video, because it is  a chance to explore the depth that Marie Naffah has as an artist.

I see similarities to the likes of Marika Hackman or The Japanese House, so I can easily see Marie going on to have a great journey, especially if she continues to create brilliant tracks such as Rust & Blue.

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