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Kingfishr releases 'Afterglow', another banger

When Kingfishr have a new track in the pot, we're always here for it!

The latest track is a stunningly wrought composition over which Eddie sings in an affecting falsetto “I love the ethereal nature of falsetto vocals,” he explains. “I grew up with Bon Iver, he definitely did play a huge role in developing my ear.”

‘Afterglow’ is decidedly different in tone from previous releases, and is, perhaps, the song that best captures the enigmatic quality of Kingfishr’s sound. “I find music is one of those last places where there’s a bit of magic,” Eddie says. “Where things aren’t explained away. And I love the idea of not knowing how the magic trick is done.”

We caught up with them backstage at Eventim Apollo in London before their opening set for Tom Walker!

Afterglow is out! W want to know everything about this amazing track—the recording process, inspiration, message, and why this track now.

Well, Fitz had a pretty solid foundation for it. It was kind of a crazy process, really. Nobody knew exactly what they were doing—it was very much an unconscious flow. We had a chord progression, and then the words just started coming out. Everything was thrown onto the track as it was going. Magoo sat down with a banjo, and we left it for a day with Ian, who did a lot of the work. When he sent it back, it was pretty much the finished track. We only spent about half a day fine-tuning it in the studio. It was cool, like an unconscious flow.

It was your first time writing with someone else, right?

Yeah, it was our first time writing with someone outside our usual circle. It felt fresh and a bit weird because we're so used to working with a certain group. Collaborating with someone new can be a bit uncomfortable, but it was a great learning experience.

Do you prefer working on your own or collaborating with others?

It depends. Up until last year, we hadn't done anything with anyone except ourselves, apart from some production work. But recently, we've been experimenting with co-writing. It's been fun, but we're also going back to writing more on our own again. One of the first things we were told about collaboration is that it's not just about the songs you end up using; it's also about learning new things from others. Sometimes it works out great, and sometimes it doesn't.

What is the message behind this track and why release it now?

This one has a softer, subtler feel—something we hadn't done before. It's about putting all your time into someone you think feels the same way, only to find out they don't. It's about that realization and the time you feel you wasted. Those emotions are what we tried to capture in the track.

Let's go back a bit. Your first interview, you were opening for Dermot Kennedy at Marlay Park in Dublin. What has changed?

It's been a crazy journey. Those shows were unbelievable—a dream come true. We've got a vinyl coming out soon, "Live in Dublin," which captures some of those amazing moments. The last couple of months have been the first time it really hit us that people know who we are. It's been surreal.

Has there been a moment where you realized, "Wow, people really know who we are now"?

Definitely. One of the first times was at a venue where some girls recognized us and were too

shy to approach. It was the first time we thought, "This is real."

You mentioned on stage that you've signed with a label. How's that been?

It's been amazing. We've got a great team behind us now, but we've kept it small and focused. We didn't want a massive team that could complicate things. This way, we have control and everything is a phone call away. It's been a streamlined operation, which is great.

How's the tour with Tom Walker been?

Incredible. Tom is one of the nicest guys we've met. The whole team has been so welcoming and inclusive. It's been an amazing experience.

Are you planning to release any new music soon?

Yes, we have a new track coming out soon, possibly this Friday, as a preview of what's to come. We've been releasing tracks every few weeks, and we have more on the way.

You've got a massive tour coming up, including a show at Shepherd’s Bush in November. How do you feel about that?

It's unbelievable. We were there a year and a half ago, watching another band, and now we're going to play there. It’s always been a dream to play at such iconic venues. It feels surreal.

Last question—what can we expect from tonight’s show in London?

It’s going to be hot and full of energy, like always. We're excited to perform in such an iconic venue. We've been rehearsing with our drummer Pete and guitarist Connor, and the dynamic is fantastic. We're ready to give it our all.

Will you get some time off after this tour?

No time off just yet. We're heading back to Argentina for some gigs, and we’re looking forward to the amazing weather there. It's going to be busy, but we're loving every moment.

Words by Sal F.

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