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KADARA - Take Me With You

Russian electro-pop artist KADARA steps on to the music scene with  the brand new track, Take Me With You. As a first time listener, I am impressed at this introduction because the song has so many positive elements to it. Sonically I love the simplicity but also the boosts of creative energy which weave their way throughout the song in such a natural way. 

For a newbie such as myself I really like how the song is so easy to follow with the lyrics which are so catchy, the type you can easily memorise, and in no time I guarantee you will be chanting the words, ‘take me with you, take me all the way, don’t wanna know where were gonna go, don’t wanna know where were gonna go, where were gonna go’. 

I have a good feeling that this is only start of something special for KADARA, so make sure you get in early and give Take Me With You a listen today.

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