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Junes Ivy - Ghosttown

Austrian  synthpop artist Junes Ivy released her latest track Ghosttown on 23rd May 2024. Lyrically this song contains so much depth, and possess an intense amount of emotions which opens the doorway into those fears we keep inside our head. For example the lines, ‘clarity is a mystery to me, and I burn all my bridges down, I can’t put my feet back on the town, until it’s a ghosttown’ just unveil some internal rawness of the mind, and described such a poetic and abstract way, but one which actually from one human to another we can resonate with. 

Other things I like about this track is the addition of the male vocals, all be it for part of one of the verses, because it really compliments June Ivy’s own stunning voice. I would recommend anyone to listen to this track and not allow such a powerful piece of music to pass you by. Available on all platforms, add Ghosttown to your daily mix today.

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