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Joe McGowan - Silhouettes

Americana artist Joe McGowan recently brought out his latest track Silhouettes. This song takes my breath away because Joe sings which such soul, passion and emotion from the inside out. I felt really emotional listening to this song in a way, because it is the type of song which reminds you of those moments in life where you catch yourself reminiscing about those distant memories. 

Joe captures the spirit of that so beautifully in his songwriting too especially with lines like ‘...and I remember to forget, to surrender to the shadows of a darkened silhouette, can a wounded man learn to heal himself, can a broken heart that broke so hard still beat without regret’. 

I think what Joe McGowan has done when I think about it, has not just given us such a raw and tender track, but has also created a song which has the potential to become one of those timeless tracks which music fans will seek comfort in time and time again.

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