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Jeffrey Chan - My Oh My

Having released a range of beautiful tracks such as Surreal and Distance in 2023, Australian singer-songwriter and retro pop sensation Jeffrey Chan is back with his brand new single, My Oh My which came out on 23rd May 2024.  

I really love how Jeffrey gives us a glimpse of vulnerability but also a layer of strength and combines them into one powerful voice through his heartfelt songwriting. My favourite part of the song would have to be the following section:

‘I’m used to flying solo, been out here on my own, I’ve fed off all the monsters, but wild things unknown, this isn’t what I’m used to, don’t want to lose control, but baby since I’ve met you, you’ve got me in the zone. I’m singing my oh my, oh my, i’m feeling super fly, you’ve got me feeling high, and now i’m singing my oh my oh my, this feeling can’t subside, because with you I come alive’. 

As a listener when I hear such powerful words, it transforms the song into something so uplifting and creates such an  enriching experience to any music fan.  Jeffrey Chan is definitely an artist to keep a very close eye on, so make sure you don’t miss out and start listening to My Oh My today.

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