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Jamie Rhodes - Slow Clap

UK singer-songwriter Jamie Rhodes releases his latest song Slow Clap. If you have not listened to any of his music before, then what you should know about Jamie is his ability to take the ongoings of everyday society and share his thoughts in quite an honest and unapologetic way. 

As a musician and a story teller, he dares to go where maybe others avoid, unafraid to question the status quo and rock that apple cart especially with lyrics such as “I have played the part of a craven, dressed in a shell of brazen lies, I have stood up and shouted when I should have just found a shoulder and just fucking cried’. 

While Jamie Rhodes’ music may not be for the faint hearted, it is still a very eye opening experience which takes you out of your comfort zones, not following the crowd and the script of society like a sheep, and instead being bold, questioning and looking at society at a much more deeper level. 

Out now, Slow Clap is just a click away!

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