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Jam and the Benzos - Terrible Man

I am always open to discovering new music from different parts of the way, because you never know what you will unveil. Recently I found myself checking out the Cyprus band Jam and the Benzos and one of their recent tracks Terrible Man. If you like funk, electronica or new wave, this song is a combination of them all, which on paper may seem like a random combination, but in the case of Jam and the Benzos actually works extremely well, they have pulled out all those different influences and made it their own. 

In terms of the lyrics and the song writing, their is a spoken word element to it, especially during the verses, which feels like a conversation between the voices of our inner soul, which helps you to feel a real synergy to all the different elements that this song has to offer. 

Whether you consider this a wild card choice or not, either way make sure you get listening to Terrible Man right now.

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