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Hopsydian - Words Unsaid

We head to Italy for this next recommendation where we find post-hardcore band Hopsydian who released Words Unsaid. As someone who loves this genre, I was excited to see what Hopsydian had to offer, and I was say I was very impressed. 

Lyrically there is an openness to vulnerable and contemplative thoughts which consume us, maybe even the thoughts that keep us up at night. There is power that comes from being able to give those insecurities a chance to be unpacked rather than ignored. 

All good post-hardcore usually contains a good mix of clean and unclean vocals, and think in the case of Words Unsaid, Hopsydian have got things balanced perfectly. There is a style to their music which reminds me of the likes of some of the bands I grew up listening to such as Thrice, Alesana and Underoath, but the difference being that Hopsydian represent a new wave of artists who are help keeping that fire burning bright. Do not miss out, listen to Hopsydian’s latest single Words Unsaid today!

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