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Holly Humberstone Performs A Sold Out Show at Albert Hall, Manchester

Updated: Apr 8

Photo By Ellisha Iddon

Holly Humberstone started the second leg of her tour in Manchester on the 9th March at the Albert Hall. Holly has seen a speedy rise to fame with only starting to release music back in 2020. 

She also displays a charm that’s makes her relatable and down to earth. 

As the lights dimmed, her talented band entered the stage one by one.  These being- Jack Rennie on guitar, Seth Tackaberry on bass and Lauren Anderson on drums. Not long after, Holly entered to the loud cheers and screams of the audience which echoed through the venue. 

Photo By Ellisha Iddon

She opened the night with Paint My Bedroom Black which is the title of her debut album that she released late of last year. The set list she delivered showcased astounding talent as a performer aswell as a songwriter and captured the full scale of her creativity.

Each song was performed with purity and with such passion that resonates to others and every lyric was sang back to her in the ambient surrounds of the Albert Hall. 

She performed a lot of fan favourites that helped make her name aswell as a bunch off her debut album and her latest single Dive.

Some of these songs being: London Is Lonely , The Walls Are Way To Thin, Deep End , Falling Asleep At The Wheel and Cocoon in which she was joined by support act Medium Build and their vocals blended seamlessly together. 

Photo By Ellisha Iddon

The night closed with an encore of Friendly Fire and Scarlett

Even after her set had finished, the venue was still filled with so much love and exhilaration. She has truly created a genuine and committed fan base. 

If you ever get the chance to see Holly whether that’s on tour or at a festival then take it. She doesn’t disappoint and that’s to anyone , whether you’ve heard her music before or haven’t. 

Photo By Ellisha Iddon

Article By Tiarna Iddon, Photography By Ellisha Iddon

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