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Heart Of Pine - Voodoo Leg Bone

Lately I have been getting into my Blues and Southern Rock, so I was very happy when I discovered American based Heart Of Pine and their recent track Voodoo Leg Bone. 

Frontman and lead vocalist Steven Bagwell has such a mighty voice which just brings the strength of the lyrics alive, especially the way he sings that chorus, Meanwhile you have fellow members Travis (guitar), Jesse (keys), Boone (bass) and Todd (Drums) creating that addictive rhythm and swagger to the song which draws you in even more. 

Heart Of Pine are helping to keep Southern Rock alive, and it’s all thanks to songs like Voodoo Leg Bone we are able to appreciate who the band are even more. So don’t miss out, grab your buddies and with that volume turned up to 11,  give the song a spin today!

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