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Grizfolk - Paper Cranes

US four piece band Grizfolk have released their latest single Paper Cranes. Although generally being described as a alt-country style band by alot of people out their, I think they are a band who have a wide appeal across several different genres, which makes their appeal as a band even more powerful. 

In regards to Paper Cranes, I think as a song it just flows so nicely, and is written with such poetic gentleness. There is a gentleness to the songwriting but also this brilliant skill to make it relatable and get your mind wondering. Grizfolk remind me of the likes of some of my favourite all times such as Bombay Bicycle Club and also Parcels, so I kid you not I could listen to Paper Cranes all day long!

Don’t miss your chance to experience something special, listen to the latest single today!

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