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Gavi Silverman - Midnight Cowboy

You might be thinking to yourself - who is Gavi Silverman? Well let me tell you this, after one listen to her latest song Midnight Cowboy, it is a name you will never forget. Not only is she an emerging artist, but the American singer-songwriter sings with such confidence and has one of the most engaging and welcoming voices you could ever hear, and lyrically has expresses herself such a poetic way that as a listener you feel an instant bond to.

If we take the lines, ‘another girl with hopeless dreams, of taming electricity, let it flicker let it free, i’m doing this for me, midnight cowboy, did you enjoy the view?, i promised i wouldn’t cry but you left me too’  for example it just provides an honest level of vulnerability which just feels so real, the type that just feels so refreshing minus the need for any filter. 

With such incredible potential don’t miss out on Midnight Cowboy, because you never know you may just be witnessing the footsteps of the next global superstar!

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