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Gabrielle Ornate - Nine Lives

Back in March we introduced you UK singer-songwriter Gabrielle Ornate, and as a magazine which loves keeping an eye on the evolution of the artists we feature, we were delighted to hear the news of Gabrielle’s latest single, Nine Lives which was released on 24th May 2024. 

What I love about this track is how it encourages you as a listener to really take a deep look at your life and also your attitude including your pride and your ego. For example one of my favourite lines goes, ‘Follow the stream to wherever it leads, swallow your ego and run to redeem, nine live, nine lives, nine lives, they will save you, can you unlock eternal truth’’.

That might sound like going too close to the bone, but that is what I really love about Gabrielle’s style as a lyricist she has a confidence to her where rather than sugar coat everything, she is not afraid to make her music get deep inside our thoughts too. 

Already Gabrielle Ornate has gained increasing support and attention, and with Nine Lives being another string to her bow, there is no better time to add her music to your life than right now. Available on all major platforms, check out Nine Lives today. 

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