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Gabrielle Ornate - Enchantress of Sound

UK based singer-songwriter Gabrielle Ornate begins her 2024 journey with the release of her recent single Enchantress of Sound. I absolutely adore whole energy and feel of this song which blends together some uplifting, vibrant songwriting and gives it a nice hard rock edge to it. For a first time listen you can expect to press that play button, and by the end go away feel good, confident and even a little bit empowered as you allow yourself to connect to the beautiful synergy that Gabrielle Ornate provides with this track. 

As for other positive points about this song, Gabrielle has such a powerful voice, which is just so alluring and draws you closer and deeper into the music as she captivates you with lines like ‘I am the enchantress of sound, i’ll never let other voices drown me out’. 

From a song writing perspective, I think for someone listening I think the message we can take away from a lyric such as that is that Gabrielle is helping us to make that realisation that you could be in a room full of people, but at the end of the day your voice and your presence still matters, so this song is a reminder of holding onto that and embracing it to the max. 

I can see Gabrielle Ornate going on to create many waves within the coming weeks and months, so if you don’t want to miss out, then your next steps begin with the Enchantress Of Sound - available on all major platforms right now!

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