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Foxes On The Run - Skipping Stones (ft. Luna Di)

Towards the end of May, Brazilian band Foxes On The Run released their most recent track Skipping Stones. Featuring the guest vocals of Luna Di, this song brings together Luna’s stunning voice, with the band’s steady but fragrant rhythm to provide a song which is both powerful and beautifully poetic and tender. 

I can see this becoming one of those songs which calls to your soul and will have your contemplating throughout. Luna’s voice combined with the front man of Foxes On The Run almost feels like what it would be like to bring together Stevie Nicks and John Lennon together, and if you listen to Skipping Stones you will be able to see just why.

Available on all major platforms, with their next record on the horizon, Skipping Stones gives us all a flavor of what is to come.

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