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FLAVIA - Wide Awake

We head over to Ireland for this next recommendation where we find award winning singer-songwriter and producer FLAVIA. Tipped to be one of exciting new names in the world of pop music, in March she released her single WIde Awake. I really admire that this is a song which is filled with such honesty, and all that rawness which oozes from the lyrics, but is articulated in such a tender and loving way with lyrics such as: 

‘Feels like she’s watching, every second, your on the big screen baby, up there in Heaven, I bet you miss her every day, and I don’t think that pain will go away, oh oh, the greatest in life she gave, so you could live yours wide awake, wide awake’. A song like this can bring a lot of strength to a listener, because whether its a loved one, a relative or a friend who is has left this world, this song is a reminder that a part of them still lives in you, as there spirit continues to surround you. A good song for cherishing all those fond memories. I am really looking forward to hearing even more of FLAVIA and seeing what the rest of 2024 has in store for her, so don’t miss out, open your eyes and listen to Wide Awake today.

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