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Fig/Astro - VR

Creative friends and kindred spirits of music, Fiachra Lennon and Andrew Lyster, have joined forces for their brand new collaborative project Fig/Astro. With an album due for release later in the year, the duo have released their latest single VR - the perfect introduction for any music fan eager to quench their appetite. 

Released on 25th May 2024, VR is has a nice chilled vibe to it, which just feels quite listening whilst seeing a fusion of classic indie rock with a nice psychedelic undertones flowing so smoothly through it.

The duo have really impressed me with the lyrics to the track, because the songwriting is so abstract, and bring a extra level of depth to the song, which goes much further than being poetic. VR is the type of song that makes you want to daydream and ponder at the same time. Furthermore this is very good insight into the first fruits of the new album, which make me all the more eager to discover more of Fig/Astro in the weeks to come.

Available on all major platforms, add VR to your daily mix today!

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