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Elizabeth And Billy Have Their 'Eyes on You'

Imagine, Fleetwood Mac, Mamas and the Papas, the sounds of the 70s then think, ‘how

would they sound today?’, the answer;

Elizabeth Liddle And Billy Smith.

2 familiar names to the North East music scene who you'll both see performing with

‘Moonwax’ with Billy taking lead vocals and Elizabeth on backing vocals. You'll also find

Elizabeth doing her own solo projects with her nostalgic sounds and angelic vocals and this

is the road in which they both take as they form a duo for the first time, ready to release a

number of songs together with the first being, Eyes on You.

On the instant of the opening guitar strum from Billy, you're already transported back to the

70s with feelings of listening to Peter Green and Stevie Nicks, that's right, Fleetwood mac

vibes, inspiration coming from their track ‘Rumours’ which runs throughout Eyes on You

and then in comes the haunting voice of Elizabeth and Billy joining for a dueted pairing on

lyrics throughout, both complementing each other with soft vocals and harmonies.

You'd be fooled to think their inspirations only come from the past however as there is

evidence of them taking some modern inspirations from The Heavy Heavy and Weyes

Blood who are also known to try to capture the sounds of past era's.

As the song progresses you begin to get captured by the story of the song, coming together

within an hour of writing, the lyrics depicts 2 people trying to find their own way in life with no idea of where they're going but guiding each other through.

Balancing well with each other on vocals and that nostalgic feel to the song, makes this a

very easy and light on the ears whilst highlighting the strengths of both and their

complementary pairing, rounding off the song with again a nod to Fleetwood Mac with a

beautifully pieced together guitar solo. A strong prowess of a song to begin the duo's


If this is how they're starting and starting strong, then it'll be a delight to hear what's next.

We'll be sure to have Eyes on You Elizabeth and Billy!

Eyes on You is now available to stream on all major platforms.

Article By Dave Shaw

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