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Eliza Roe - Ethereal Junkie

Time for a nice bit of dream-pop as we share the news of Eliza Roe and her latest track Ethereal Junkie which was released on 1st February 2024. For me I see this song as being like a journey through the mind, because Eliza has a brilliant way of bringing us face to face with some of those delicate feelings that we fill our mind with. 

Sure there may be plenty of songs out there that already offer that, but I think the important thing to note about Eliza Roe’s music is about taking such powerful song writing and creating an equally significant impact. And that is exactly what you get when you are able to really get to the heart of a song like Ethereal Junkie. 

Like for instance the lines, “I am afraid of honesty, why? It’s only me in my head’, create a space to really see what true vulnerability looks like and I guess rather than avoid our inner monologue or brush it under the carpet, engage with it instead. I don’t think we have even touched the surface of Eliza Roe’s great potential, but based on Ethereal Junkie I have a good instinct that this song is the start of something very special to come in the weeks and months that follow.

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