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Deadshowws - Two Toned

Austaralian alt-rock band Deadshowws are starting February 2024 on a high as they share their latest song Two Toned. The strength of this song comes in the lyrics because this song is written so honestly, with plenty of depth, as the band really put raw vulnerable emotions at the centre, with lyrics such as ‘I don't think I am ready, I think I need another heartbreak’ and ‘I am lying awake to the restless noise’. 

It can sometimes feel we are trapped inside our head with the thoughts often feeling quite overwhelming or suffocating, but the beauty of a band like Deadshowws is they help us to unpack all of that thus enabling us to at least start navigate a way through.  Listening to Deadshowws reminds me of bands such as Thrice or even Taking Back Sunday and Silverstein, so for anyone into bands like that will definitely not be disappointed when giving Two Toned a listen. 

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