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Casey Kearney - Born To Rodeo

Casey Kearney gives us a good helping of country music with her brand new single, Born To Rodeo. I love the emotion, truth and unconditional love which is present throughout this song. 

Sometimes in life, whether we reach those goals, or succeed in conquering  those dreams, it is the encouragement of those closest to us that forms the biggest motivation, so I just love the way Casey Kearney captures that spirit. 

There are so many great lines in this song to choose a favourite, but one of my top selections which make even me want to sing at the top of my lungs is, ‘he may never be a legend in the cowboy hall of fame, I’ll still be right here cheering his name, he can’t get enough, oh  it runs through his blood, that boy was born, born  to rodeo’.

I am looking forward to discovering even more of Casey Kearney, because she brings that open hearted positive energy to the world of country music.

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