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Beau Lucas - My Racing Thoughts

Singer-songwriter Beau Lucas takes us on a journey of awakening with his new track, My Racing Thoughts which was released on the 24th May 2024. Sonically I really like how this song delves between garage rock and psychedelia but also has a shoegaze feel to it as well which makes it deeply euphoric. 

Lyrically this is song writing at a higher level, because it is like Beau Lucas is inviting us to take a candid look inside his mind. This song does not just call out to our intuition it also seeks to connect to our soul, which just demonstrates the the strength of who Beau Lucas is as an artist. 

My Racing Thoughts, is like anything which you would have come across before, but its a song which can only be appreciated by listening to it yourself. Available right now, listen to the brand new track today!

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