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Andy Alexander - Mr. Cool

Do you love your classic hard  rock? Or maybe your partial to a bit of 80s rock? Well we have a new name to add the mix, Andy Alexander. Hailing from the US, Andy recently released his latest track Mr. Cool. 

There is just so much energy throughout this song, and there are so many elements to put a smile on your face. On one hand you have the very stylish rhythm with some mighty impressive riffs and guitar solos. It almost reminds me of Bill and Ted’s band Wild Stallion. 

Then on other side of the equation you have the swagger and the say-it-as-it-is songwriting style such as ‘...always a little rhythm to his rhyme, we don’t care about your better kindness, one look to send shivers down your spine, well you can die, and so can I, but you know he never listens, cos he’s Mr Cool’. We get a picture inside our head that nothing phases Mr Cool, just out there doing his  own thing, so whether you love him or hate him he is a free spirit where a care-free attitude. 

Up until now, Andy Alexander wasn’t a name I was familiar with, but after listening to this song, I am definitely going to seek out even more of his music in the weeks to come. A bit of a wild card choice, but definitely worth the listen, check out Mr Cool today. 

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