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Vince Freeman: Telling My Story

Updated: Feb 16

Vince Freeman is not just an artist but someone who uses his passion of music to tell and celebrate his story. Having already had a brilliant year, Vince brings 2023 to a close with his brand new single, Imposter which was released on 15th December 2023.

The opportunity to learn about his journey first hand as part of this special showcase was a total honour and is one that will inspire each and every reader.

Lovely to meet you Vince! Firstly, how's life on the road been?

Well, actually, it's just sort of starting now. I did a show last night and it was amazing. I nearly cried twice. And it's because, this album is a representation of my life, they are not just songs. I had a room full of people that have followed me for a number of years. but none of them had heard any of these songs, so was nice to be able to start sharing some of them. 

When you are like, channeling your life in a record, how do you navigate through that?

Just tell the story.  At the start of this process my co manager,  went, ‘you know, what's really interesting about you and  this is  different? No one's telling stories anymore.’

I love sitting in a bar and kind of getting to speak to people and about their life and what drives them.. For me music is just my life.

So when you are starting to compile this record, what was the easiest way to start? 

Write  literally 24 hours a day. I try and write from an honest place. 

There's a track called Impostor where one of the central themes for me is that everybody's just trying to figure it out. I sort of came to the conclusion that I’m not normal. 

I think most people can identify with stuff that they're doing, and they've been through because everybody's trying to figure it out. So that's  how I navigate through it. Write honestly and try not to follow trends - rightly or wrongly.

When you first started sharing music which came from a personal place  with a set of strangers  how did you find it?

I've been asked the question a couple of times. Obviously, even though I've made some horrific mistakes over the years I've also had some wins. I think the highs and lows are all part of the tapestry. 

When you are hearing your own music day in and day out, and then a fan gives you a compliment or tells you they resonated with a particular song, what is that like for you?

I've spent my whole life ever since I started writing music, terrified of playing it to people terrified. Because  for whatever reason, I didn't believe in myself. I didn't know whether I was any good. I think somewhere along the line, maybe  because I am a father now, I realized, it's, that's less important to hold on to that fear and focus more on building relationships with people.

Do you find it easier now where you feel more stronger, to be able to turn down that volume of self doubt?

I'm dangerous as hell. 

I remember sitting in a meeting with somebody. And I just learned that I can walk out of this door. And I'm still winning, because I get to go home to a wife that loves me. And has put up with me for 15 years. And I've got kids that adore me. 

It's that when I say I'm dangerous as hell, because honestly, it just means that I can make the correct decisions for my career. I don't need to follow trends. I don't need somebody to tell me what I can and cannot do. 

I think that's been a fundamental change in me. It's one of the catalysts that started this whole thing, because I didn't I didn't need the vindication.  I love writing and  performing. 

So being a father as well now,  what kind of like encouragement do you share with your own kids especially when it comes to nurturing their dreams and handling negatives parts of this world?

All my kids are crazy as hell, but none of them play any music. I mean, if they do decide to, you know, I want it to follow that path because they love it and they want to do it. 

That's probably the one thing that I've taken from my life is like, the music industry is probably the most brutal industry in the world to try and carve a career. 

There's no set ways to skin this cat, but one thing I have learned over the years is that, when you are doing music for the right reasons. I can't be without it. It's a thing that I need to do. I love stories. I love writing, because it is  all encompassing.

I just want my kids to grow up happy.

So for you, what's the true spirit of a good storyteller?

I want to say just just downright honesty. The moment you start fudging the truth,  that's when you lose an audience, that's when you lose a story. All the best stories are honest to the bone.  Just like  poetry or any other form of art such as a painting  if it's something that's truly exceptional, it's because the artist has given a part of them to the piece of art that they created. 

I think that the essence of telling a great story is being able to share part of your soul. 

Have you ever, like, looked at something and I didn't think that was a story. But actually, there's a story.

I think that comes back to  that whole imposter thing. I've done,  loads of things over the years but one of the things I remember really vividly is when I did the Voice, way back when, and when I came off, I suddenly had loads of people kind of asking me to sign CDs. 

I just didn't really understand why anybody would want me to sign something. I think comes down to the whole,  whether you think you've got a story to tell.  Everyone's got stories to tell. I think that's what I've learned. 

So touching on the live shows, you have chosen a few intimate venues so when you are building that powerful connection with the audience, how powerful a moment is that for you?

I think it's kind of like it's almost like a joke sometimes  for artists. If you're really grateful for what you have have, then you also need to be able to hone that ability to be able to grab an audience. It's almost like putting your arm around somebody, taking a walk with me, you know, it doesn't happen all the time. 

I don't think there's necessarily any formula. Some people are absolutely incredible at it, and they do it almost every single time. But certainly in intimate environments, sometimes it needs just a bit of magic. 

How do you breakthrough that one person that one person in the crowd who has there arms folded just glaring ahead? 

I did a whole raft of years of gigs, where I was performing other people's music.  Busker for hire, I guess, playing really high profile events like the  FA Cup final. But basically, I'm just background, you know, and so I think, when you've got a lot of people  who are not really engaging  I think that comes down to them.

I am still going to be myself, because I love what I do, so if you are the type of person who comes with an open mind then hopefully, I can help take you on a journey for an hour or so.

So think about the journey you've, you've taken yourself so far, if your guitar or even your writing journal could talk to you now. What do you think they will tell you?

I think it would probably be saying, ‘what the fuck’ haha!  I love all  the trials and tribulations, you know, the highs and the lows. I like the thought of being somebody that you can have a conversation with. And you end up you leaving that conversation feeling it was worthwhile. I don't think you can get that unless  you embrace life.

Well, it's been amazing speaking to you. For all the fans out there what would you like to say?

Wow. Crikey. I don't know. 

I  literally just did a gig last night,  in front of 60 people that have bought my first album in like, 2000, you know, when everything was still black and white. 

I think over the years, I've gotten better. I don't think I was ready for this a few years back. I am now. It feels like I've been given an opportunity to tell a story that possibly wasn't quite as clear in the early days. So for those people that have stayed with me all that time, you know, thank you. 

I think it's probably going to be easier for people coming to listen to me now, to understand what I'm about. 

On that note, I wish you all the best. 

Thank you, buddy.

A huge thank you to Vince Freeman! The brand new single, Imposter is out now on all major platforms!


Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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