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Spring Essentials That Won’t Break The Bank?

So it’s that time of year where the blossom is blooming, birds are chirping and the miserable cold dark days are behind us, but what’s still miserable and lacking in some zest is your wardrobe.

Well, gentleman, where do you look for inspiration? But hang on, I hear you cry, outfits that won’t break the bank? But where to, you wonderWhen looking for pieces this time of year where do I look for inspiration non other than other beloved on-screen spy and master of sartorial debonair style, Mr Bond, James Bond.

The man is seasoned in style from Tom Ford suits to downtime in a pair of Levi’s. But hang on you I hear you cry, you said, outfits that won’t break the bank. Don’t worry chaps I am not sending you to Tom Ford. But where you wonder. Well, my go to on the high street for impeccable style that’s good enough to save the world, sip a martini and get the girl is our beloved Marks and Spencer. Or Marks and Sparks depending on where you’re from.

This season is all about minimalism, and these staple pieces will tick every style box this season and keep you looking fresh.My go to in the trouser department is always a slim fitting chino, in sandstone or navy, always keep it neutral. And slim fitting is great for that slim silhouette now gents of slim fitting is your thing then there’s nothing wrong with a relaxed or straight leg fit either. But stay away from flares. The 70s had its time.

Now team your crisp new chinos with a relaxed fitting oxford shirt, the classic staple of any man’s spring wardrobe. You can pick one up in m&s for £25 now that’s cheaper than 2 pints and a packet of cigarettes these days. Also, the great thing about a classic oxford shirt, you can team it with pretty much anything from jeans, chinos, even a smart pair of slacks. It can be worn smart or casual.

The possibilities are endless.As it’s not quite soaring 20 plus degree weather invest in a decent spring jacket. Chaps here is a stunning button through jacket that comes in at £75. Here I've chosen the navy was it contrasts against the shirt and chinos and navy is a very good colour to match with most things that will work within your current wardrobe.

So, you got the outfit but what about the footwear. Fellas let me tell you, nothing says laid back spring chic than a pair of crisp white leather place up trainers. Shows an air of I'm stylish but also laid back without trying too hard.

I've chosen these all-leather white lace ups from marks and Spencer and chaps £60 for a pair of decent kicks, isn't took bad is it.

There you have it, and this gent’s is an outfit that every component can work separately to create different outfits for the Spring days.

Now you’re ready to face the world, drink martinis and save the girl whilst looking fricking stylish and like a gentleman.

All clothes from Marks and Spencer’s new collection.

Article by Craig Whitehead

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