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Oskar with K - My Demons

Swedish artist Oskar with K releases his brand new track, My Demons which from initial impression feels like he has taken us into the depths of his mind. There are occasions where our thoughts attempt to overpower us, with a real tussle and hustle going on our mind, so I like that Oskar with K has created a song which allows that experience to be highlighted, rather than swept under the carpet. 

When your mind seems to be in a state of overwhelming thoughts and feelings, My Demons as a song can really be cathartic even if it's just to put on your lips and admit the internal struggle which is taking place behind that smile. I can see this song being one of those songs which music fans will continuously come to time after time, as they use it as an opportunity to be vulnerable but real about the thoughts that being pushed down, to powerful to be ignored, and address in a safe and healthy way. 

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