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Nicolas Caffaro Releases Brand New Album, 'LA FLOR MAS LINDA'

On the 28th April 2024, singer songwriter Nicolas Caffaro released his latest album LA FLOR MAS LINDA. Written and performed purely in Spanish this record feels like it is filled with so much love and energy as you can tell the passion in Nicolas’s music really shining through. 

Despite not being a native speaker myself, I have always found the Spanish dialect so stunning to hear. In today’s society with English said to be the universal language more and artists choose to do what is most popular. So when artists like Nicolas Caffaro go against the norm and sing in their mother tongue it feels like a breath of fresh air. The sign of someone truly embracing their culture and identity. 

With their being 12 tracks on the record, let us not waste another moment longer and dive straight in. The key I feel when picking up any record for the first time, is give close attention to at least the first three or four tracks first, as they are usually a good indicator of the vibe of any body of world and a bit of a dip your toe in the water type concept for helping you get a flavour for what to expect on the rest of the tracks.

The album begins with open track A QUEMARROPA. This is a track of such warmth and sonical beauty and rhythm, it does not take long for anyone to allow the positive glow to flow around them. It is inviting and feels like Nicolas reaching out his hand and saying, hey don’t stand on the outside, come in and join me. Nicolas’ voice is also his superpower too, because whether you fully understand the lyrics or, his voice feels so calming to listen to, the type of voice which you could listen to every moment of the day. 

After such an enchanting start we then move onto the second track TEQUILA. Maintaining that captivating energy, this feels like such a soulful track as you can really tell Nicolas putting a lot of feeling and open heartedness into this song to really bring the song alive. You don’t have to be an expert to appreciate the emotion that is coming across in TEQUILA. 

A similar thing can be said about the third track , which is also the headline track LA FLOR MAS LINDA. When translated, this phrase means The Cutest Flower, and you know what that small bit of knowledge alone just makes me smile, because it symbolises that as a song writer what makes Nicolas Caffora stand out is the natural ability to add a layer of intimacy to his music. 

Quarter of the way through the album, and hand on heart I am really impressed as a first time listener. With each song I hear, it is fixing my full attention on the album. The world around me is still moving as people go about their lives, but for me I am too immersed in this album to even notice, because right now I feel in such a safe space where nothing matters except this record. 

While part of me has the desire to comment on every track, part of me also feels I should keep some mystery back, just so you can go sample the album for yourself. So what I will do instead is pick out a few tracks from the album which really stood out, you know to just help you along on your way when you hear for yourself. 

The first one I need to mention is HAWAII. Whereas the other tracks are a little more upbeat, this one is a bit slower. It is also a track on the album where Nicolas includes as bi-lingual element to the song, not just including the beautiful language of Español but also a snippet of English as he sings ‘I might tell her something, there is nothing she can’t do, I already know everything that you can prove’ just adding to the overall sensual depth of the song even more. If you were looking for that perfect song to seduce that special someone, with caressing words, then HAWAII will teach you a lesson or two. Also just want to say Nicolas’ vocals in English are just as epic as the Spanish.

Another track I want to highlight is Buena Vista (track 9 on the album). There is so much rhythm to this song, and I like how we see Nicolas adding other electro style-deep house beats to the song, as it really helps to compliment the overall strength of the song even more. One of the brilliant qualities of Nicolas Caffaro is that he is so multifaceted in the respects that having so many sides to his talent allows his music to be dynamic, an artist who is not putting in a box, but just allowing the music he creates to radiate out and resonate with the mind with the listener. 

One final track i want to to touch upon is bye sol:, not only would I consider this a bit of the dark horse of the record, it is one if you look online that has gained a lot of attention, and you know I see why. The way that Nicolas brings together the elegance of the piano and couples it with touches of bass and drums really helps to shape it as one of the stand out tracks, especially when adding in the vocals and the raw depth and openness of the lyrics. I think we are getting a slice here of Nicolas Caffaro putting all his different elements together and showing us his very best. 

Having listened to LA FLOR MAS LINDA I am so thankful that this album came into my life. It is a record which speaks for itself, and in my opinion is absolutely faultless. I am excited to see the growth of this album over the coming weeks, and see what is next for Nicolas Caffaro. Available on all major platforms, LA FLOR MAS LINDA is available now.

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Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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