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Memphis May Fire X DARKUS

Memphis May Fire X DARKUS


Notably one of the most sensational American metalcore bands around, Memphis May Fire have continued to grow from strength to strength. As a band who we ourselves at DARKUS have had the pleasure of knowing for 10 years, not only do we have total admiration for members Matty Mullins, Kellen McGregor, Jake Garland and Cory Elder, but their music has always continued to have a very special and meaningful place in our hearts. 


2022 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Memphis May Fire, as they release their third studio album, Remade In Misery, released via Rise Records, and without a doubt one of the most honest and purest record that any music fan could ever imagine. 


This special edition of DARKUS is not just an opportunity to explore the new record further, but also is an invitation to all our fellow MMF out there, to join us in celebrating the achievements of 4 of the most remarkable guys who are taking their love of music and transforming it into something wholesome and true. 

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