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Situated on Newcastle’s thriving Quayside, INNSiDE By Melia is much more than a hotel but a place to unwind, relax and feel a sense of tranquillity having given me countless opportunities to create new and cherished memories.


Since opening in 2021, INNSiDE has continued to thrive, becoming one of the most popular travel destinations for anyone visiting the region, and a place which will always have my heart.


In this special issue I decided to take the opportunity highlight just some of the many things which make INNSiDE By Melia that stand out ranging from it’s passion to invest in the mental wellbeing of it’s guests, to being a creative hub which supports local talent here within the North East.


As you continue to read, we hope it draws inspiration and is an encouragement that highlights what makes INNSiDE Newcastle that extra bit special.


In the worlds of Melia - Stay Curious xx

DARKUS Travel & Lifestyle Series ft. INNSiDE By Melia

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