If you have been keeping your ear to the ground about good shows to sink your teeth into, in 2021, word on the street is Russell T Davis' latest drama, It's A Sin which is airing on Channel 4 is an absolute must.


With the show centering around the lives of a number of great characters, in honour of the brand new show, this special Darkus two-part collectors series gives you the opportunity to find out more about the actors involved in this highly anticipated production, with this edition focusing on Omari Douglas who plays the role of Roscoe Babatunde.


 Consisting of a special Q&A as well as an exclusive photoshoot with our creative team, be sure to grab your limited edition copy today. 


***Please note this order comes with a physical copy of the magazine along with unlimited access to the digital version which can be viewed on any computer or smart device such as a tablet***

2021 Collectors Edition: Omari Douglas