If you look at the music industry here in the UK especially, can you really tell the difference between an emerging and an emerged artist? The short answer is no, because we have such a diverse and rich music scene where everyone is putting their heart and soul to be on the top of their game, that questions like that are day by day being made a thing of the past. All that ever really matters is what someone is doing to carve their own way in the way that feels most natural and organic to them. For Brighton based singer-song writer Oz, the process was simple, music was very much a huge influence in her life and she just wanted something to bring to life, so it was not just a hobby by a career.


Over the years, thanks to support of family, friends and an all-female management team, she has grown in her self-confidence as an artist, with her latest EP, Jupiter being a testimony of how far she has come, and sending a message to the world that says ‘This is Oz, this is me’.


There is just so much inspiration we can take away from her evolution, so to have the opportunity to really sit down and have a real honest heart to heart, with our new friend for life was a true blessing indeed. With an exclusive photoshoot with our creative team, a closer look at the brand new EP, we hope you are sitting comfortably because this is certainly one showcase you do not want to miss.


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2020 Showcase Series: OZ