Ever since stepping on to the music scene this year singer-songwriter, Harina has been showing her strengths and versatility from the word go. German born, Harina is someone who is not afraid to follow her heart especially when it comes to her love of music, which has allowed her to travel to a number of places across Europe, as well as a spending time in London, a city she calls home since graduating from the prestigious music college, BIMM.


Fast forward to where we are now in 2020 and it has been a year which has seen Harina embrace all her influences to help to shape her direction and vision as an artist, and using music as a platform to express some of the things which have the upmost importance in her heart.


With her latest single Around U, being released on 23rd October 2020, this marks a time where without doubt, Harina's evolution as an artist is well on the way to exciting new heights.

2020 Showcase Series: Harina