It gives us great joy to be able to bring you this incredibly special showcase edition as we step into the world of George Holliday. Over the past 3 years, the songwriter and blogger has been travelling across the UK and parts of Europe for his special project, Made On The Road, which has opened up an  array of opportunities for creatives from all walks of life to come together and collaborate, all in the name of music.


This has also been an opportunity to discover some of the great tracks George has been involved in, especially his latest track, Young & Free, which saw him working with fellow musician Isaac Tyler.


By joining us we hope it gives you just a glimpse of a passionate and inspiring guy’s vision to fuse travel, lifestyle and music together to create something so powerful and amazing that it will have people talking for years to come.


We are also delighted to announce that this edition also comes with one of our very exclusive keepsake digital covers too. So what are you waiting for get your copy today!

2020 Showcase Series: George Holliday