"The music won’t mean anything to anyone if it doesn’t mean something to you, so just always remember to have fun with it and do it out of love, not for any sort of material possessions - I’ve found that’s where the real magic happens."


Just some of the wise words from US based pop artist Christian French who on the 18th September released his third EP, 'good things take time' .  Now in his mid 20s, Christian is fast becoming one of those special kinds of emerging artists who grow in confidence, create a wave of excitement which creates waves within the world of music and excel in strength with each step he takes. In next to no time, we have no doubt this is only the start of the incredible future of the one and only, Christian French.


We are delighted to welcome you to join us as we get access to the world of this talented artist, for a special 16 page showcase - so grab your copy today!

2020 Showcase Series: Christian French