Over the past 8 years of Darkus, we have had the great blessing of coming across a number of great artists from a multitude of genres, all whom have had a most special place in our hearts both in terms of the music they have created and friendships that have been formed. One of those bands was Southampton metalcore band Bury Tomorrow consisting of brothers Dani & Davyd Winter-Bates, Adam Jackson, Jason Cameron and Kristian Dawson.


Fast forward to 2020 and having treated us all to a number of thought provoking but sensational albums in the past, the Bury Tomorrow chaps revealed the news of their latest record Cannibal. A true testimony how they all continue to push the boundaries within music. To see how they have and continue to grow in strength and confidence as one of the UK’s most remarkable metalcore bands makes it such a privilege to dedicate this special edition to 5 guys who I have the highest most love and respect for.

2020 Showcase Series: Bury Tomorrow